PA VB-35 Banjo Bolt On Unloader 6.5gpm 3650psi


PA VB35 Unloader Valve - Trapped Pressure (Banjo Bolt-On)

Banjo unloaders are very compact and bolt to the inlet and outlet of the pump.

3650psi Maximum Rated Pressure

  • Rated Flow: 6.5gpm
  • Rated Temperature 195 °F
  • Inlet: 1/2" NPT
  • Outlet: 3/8" NPT

Models Available:

  • 9.803-899.0
    • Legacy Series: GG, GD, GE
    • Karcher Series: KG, KD, KE
    • Hotsy Series: HG, HD, HE
    • Landa Series: LG, LD, LE
    • Shark Series: SG, SD, SE
  • 9.803-900.0
    • Legacy Series: GM, GS
    • Karcher Series: KM, KS
    • Hotsy Series: HM, HS
    • Landa Series: LM, LS
    • Shark Series: SM. SS


    Unloader valves are one of the most important safety devices on a pressure washer system. Failure to install and set the unloader properly could result in a very dangerous situation causing severe damage to the pump and possibly the operator.

    Professional installation is required.