Legacy HD-5030D Portable Oil Fired Add-On Hot Water Module

Add hot water cleaning economically!

3,000 PSI, 5 GPM, 120 Volts

Portable water heater add-on for existing cold water pressure washers.

Quick Connect to cold water washer, supply fuel and power to Euro-Heat for hot water cleaning applications.

Use the Hot Box only when needed and keep the convenience of the portable cold water washer.

  • Quick hookup - 3/8" QC inlet / outlet
  • 10" easy-roll tubed pneumatic wheels
  • Diesel, kerosene, #1 heating oil
  • 36' Ground Fault Interrupter plug

Easy service access to burner parts and efficient vertical combustion configuration.

  • 5-gallon plastic fuel tank
  • 36' Ground Fault Interrupter plug
  • Thermostat temperature control
  • Compact Size: 37" x 27" x 39" (W x L x H)