Giant Flow Actuated Unloader Valve 4000psi

Giant flow sensing "SOFT" unloader valve.

Maximum rated pressure: 4000psi

  • 70°C / 160°F max temperature
  • 3/8" NPT inlet / outlet
  • 3/4" bypass
  • Easy to manage hose, no pressure trapped in lines
  • Not suited for multi-gun systems

Models available:

  • 22654A - 3.5 to 4.8gpm

Always choose the best match for your pump GPM. As a rule, if there is any question on which unloader to select in border line cases, select the lower GPM rating of the two.


Unloader valves are one of the most important safety devices on a pressure washer system. Failure to install and set the unloader properly could result in a very dangerous situation causing severe damage to the pump and possibly the operator.

Professional installation is required.