Nozzle Calculator

Having the correct nozzle size is crucial when operating your pressure washer.

Choosing the Correct Nozzle Size.

Pressure washer nozzles contain a small orifice which is sized to create the desired pressure at a specific flow.

This orifice is a restriction in the water flow and when the water is forced through this restriction pressure is created. Without this restriction there is no pressure.

If the restriction is too large then you don't get enough pressure.

If the restriction is too small then you are relying on the unloader valve or pressure regulator to divert the excess water back through the pump and this is very inefficient.

Pressure washer nozzles with an orifice that is most closely sized to the specs of your pump will give you the optimum performance.

Determine the nozzle size by matching the operating pressure (PSI) to the water flow in gallons per minute (GPM).